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CD Cover Tchaikovsky Rachmaninoff Kabalevsky Russian Piano Classics Nadia Reisenberg 110th Anniversary Tribute Classification: Historic-Archive Label: Romeo Records CD Number:7309/10 Price:£12.54

Comment:Nadia Reisenberg (1904-1983) gave many concerts in American during the 1940s. These Mono recordings date from the 1950s and appeared on early Westminster LPs. They feature a wealth of unfamiliar music by Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff and Kabalevsky.

"A voice from another age, Reisenberg… makes it difficult to imagine a more unsullied, unimpeded musicianship backed by pianism of superfine quality. True to her Russian roots, she never invests Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninov's miniatures with a weight beyond their often slender but in her hands entrancing worth." Gramophone, March 2015. "… the glory of this double CD lies in its exquisite Tchaikovsky miniatures." BBC Music Magazine, April 2015.

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