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CD Cover A Beethoven Odyssey Volume 1 Classification: Beethoven Odyssey Label: MSR Classics CD Number:MS 1465 Price:£12.75

Comment:UK Pianist James Brawn begins his Beethoven Odyssey with Sonata No. 1 of 1795. From the outset James Brawn shows that he has a very clear idea as to where his Beethoven is going, and that his Odyssey through this music will be thought provoking!

**"… crisp and forthright, thoughtfully phrased with a judicious balance between head and heart." Geoff Brown, The Times, 22 March 2013.** **"… Brawn's pianism - and more importantly, his interpretative skills - are formidable indeed, some of the best recent Beethoven playing I have heard…" Steve Ritter, Audiophile Audition, May 2013.** **"Despite strict observance to the text, Brawn's spirit as well as personal, original ideas on how to interpret Beethoven's notes, rests, dynamics, tempi, etc, shine through." Alberto Portugheis, EPTA Journal, May 2013.** **"Brawn's fortright playing works well in the turbulet moments of the two F minor Sonatas." BBC Music Magazine, July 2013.** **"In all, Brawn's most persuasive work holds interest and I'll be curious to hear this pianist as he faces bigger challenges ahead on his Beethoven Odyssey."** **"Brawn's journey through these towering works is one of the most convincing I've heard in a long time, yet it is difficult to articulate why. There is an element of purity in his playing - some ineffable quality - that transforms even the simplest of phrases into something pristine, something perfect." Andrew Schartmann, Daily Classical Music, October 2013.** **…"crystal-clear fingerwork, interpretative urgency, harmonically sensitive micro-pedalling, a natural instinct for symphonic structure." International Record Review, March 2015**

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