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CD Cover Zelenka - Psalmi Vespertini III Classification: CD of the Month Label: Nibiru CD Number:NI 0164-2231 Price:£12.54

Comment:The soloists are - Lenka Cafourkova and Gabriela Eibenova, soprano, Pascal Bertin, alto, Virgil Hartinger, tenor and Marian Krejcik, bass, in this third selection of Zeleka's Psalmi, some of which are World Premiere recordings.

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CD Cover Vivaldi - Le Quattro Stagioni Classification: SACD New Label: Channel Classics CD Number:CCS SA 40318 Price:£14.99

Comment:A chart topping SACD of Vivaldi's Le Quattro Stagioni with Rachel Podger leading her Brecon Baroque playing one to a part on period instruments. With only eight musicians this brings out extraordinary details, in a warm SACD Surround Sound acoustic.

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CD Cover 20th Century Masterpieces for 2 Pianos and Orchestra - Volume I Classification: Piano Label: MSR Classics CD Number:MS 1651-1 Price:£22.15

Comment:Here is an amazing collection of Concertos for 2 Pianos by mainly little known 20th century composers, any one of which would be a concert hall sensation. Joshua Pierce and Dorothy Jonas play fast and furious through these inventive, original concertos.

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CD Cover Coral Beliefs Theory Classification: New Label: Arta CD Number:F10227 Price:£12.54

Comment:Nocni Optika (Night Sight) are Miroslav Nosek, guitars, Jakub Dvoracek, piano, Stepan Zbytovsky, flutes, Jan Keller, cello, Jan Dvorak, drums. Hints at unnatural behavior lay behind this album. Listeners will catch some exciting new Czech Jazz sounds.

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CD Cover Folwark - Szymon Klima Quintet Classification: Star Tracks Label: Hevhetia CD Number:HV0166-2-331 Price:£10.54

Comment:With Szymon Klima, clarinet are - Dariusz Rubinowski, tenor saxophone, Jakub Mizeracki, guitar, Adam Kowalewski, bass and Jakub Miarczynski, drums. Their Jazz originals are inspired by Polish traditional music, plus their own melodies and improvisations.

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CD Cover Fantasie - Music for Violin and Harp Classification: New Label: MSR Classics CD Number:MS 1682 Price:£12.54

Comment:Aurora Duo, Donna Fairbanks, violin and Lysa Rytting, harp, formed in 1991. Their programme, Fantasie, features several World Premiere recordings, and an extensive work by Saint-Saens that is not heard very often. An unusual combo of instruments.

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CD Cover Nadia Reisenberg - The Renowned Haydn Recordings Classification: Historic-Archive Label: Romeo Records CD Number:7324/5 Price:£17.30

Comment:Continuing its series of recordings made by pianist Nadia Reisenberg, Romeo Records have collected her performances of Haydn Sonatas and Variations made for Westminster between 1955 and 1958. Music and playing are marvellous!

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CD Cover Prokofiev - Symphonies 2 and 3 Classification: SACD New Label: PentaTone Classics CD Number:PTC 5186 624 Price:£13.93

Comment:Prokofiev's rarely heard Second Symphony has an extensive first movement followed by a Theme and Variations, his Third uses music from his opera The Fiery Angel. In Pentatone's SACD Surround Sound these are mind-blowing recordings!

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CD Cover Martinu - Bouquet of Flowers Classification: Supraphon Martinu Label: Supraphon CD Number:SU 4220-2 Price:£13.36

Comment:Supraphon fill gaps in our knowledge of Martinu with his Bouquet of Flowers, composed in 1937, which draws on Moravian Folk songs. There is also the first studio recording of Jan Novak's (1921-1984) wonderful Philharmonic Dances. An essential disc!

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CD Cover Shostakovich Symphonies No. 5 and No. 6 Classification: Shostakovich Symphonies Label: Gega New CD Number:GD 385 Price:£12.54

Comment:Shostakovich's 5th Symphony is probably one of the most celebrated of the 20th century. It is paired with his 6th premiered in 1939. Its unusual structure appears to have no formal first movement. Superb playing and recording in this ongoing series.

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