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CD Cover Chopin - The Essence of an Iron Will Classification: CD of the Month Label: Romeo Records CD Number:7322 Price:£12.54

Comment:Master pianist, Craig Sheppard, plays a selection of Chopin's greatest works. The recording is a combination of two concerts given in Seattle's Meany Theatre during February 2017. With superb sound, you will hear Chopin playing of the highest order.

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CD Cover Zelanka Psalmi Vespertini II Classification: Nibiru-Zelenka Label: Nibiru CD Number:01632231 Price:£12.54

Comment:Gabriela Eibenova, Lenka Cafourkova, soprano, Filippo Mineccia, alto, Tobias Hunger, Marian Krejcik, bass, Jiri Miroslav Prochazka, bass are the soloists. Five of the Psalmi are World Premiere recordings. Adam Viktora directs his Zelanka experts!

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CD Cover Brahms Sonatas for Violin and Piano Classification: Marie Cantagrill Label: ABP Musique Classique CD Number:AB2 Price:£12.54

Comment:Brahms composed his Violin Sonatas between 1878 and 1888. To her complete recording, Marie Cantagrill has added the Scherzo from the F.A.E. Sonata,which Schumann and Dietrich contributed as a gift for their friend Joseph Joachim. All beautifully played!

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CD Cover Babokalyps - Vel'Ky Voz Classification: New Label: Hev-Het Tune CD Number:EH 0052-2-331 Price:£10.54

Comment:For her latest album, Barbora Kolarikova has chosen the title, Vel'ky Voz, which can mean The Big Dipper as in the constellation or a two wheeled cart, bearing the burdens of life. Whatever, this is a disc of great beats, so turn up the vloume!

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CD Cover Martinu - Bouquet of Flowers Classification: Supraphon New Label: Supraphon CD Number:SU 4220-2 Price:£13.36

Comment:Supraphon fill gaps in our knowledge of Martinu with his Bouquet of Flowers, composed in 1937, which draws on Moravian Folk songs. There is also the first studio recording of Jan Novak's (1921-1984) wonderful Philharmonic Dances. An essential disc!

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CD Cover The Early Immersive Music of Joan La Barbara Classification: SACD New Label: Mode CD Number:Mode298 Price:£25.75

Comment:Joan La Barbara (1947-) is a pioneer of the New York Contemporary music scene in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The pieces on this disc sound like field recordings but are her multitracking in a studio, their effect in Surround Sound is amazing!

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CD Cover Daybreak in the Fields the piano music of Andrew Downes Classification: Andrew Downes Label: EM Records CD Number:EMR CD040 Price:£19.99

Comment:A wonderful selection of piano music, composed in a manner that draws its listeners closer to what is being said, by Andrew Downes. They range over his composing career, from Sonata No. 1 dating from 1976, to Seven Postludes of 2015.

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CD Cover Astor Piazzolla - Maria De Buenos Aires Classification: World Music Label: Delphian CD Number:DCD34186 Price:£21.20

Comment:First performed in 1968, Astor Piazzolla's Maria De Buenos Aires is an unusual opera. Maria is hardly a real character, she exists to embody the sounds, thoughts and feelings of Buenos Aires. Her words hit hard in Piazzolla's tango filled score.

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CD Cover Kari Sal - Betesda Classification: World Music Label: Hevhetia CD Number:HV 0153-2-331 Price:£10.54

Comment:Kari Sal sings her own haunting songs with Verneri Pohjola, trumpet, Adam Baldych, violin, Michal Zaborski, viola, Piotr Checki, tenor sax, Pawel Kaczmarczyk, piano, Michal Kapczuk, bass and Krzysztof Szmanda, drums. Sounds where Poland and Iceland meet!

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CD Cover Vymola Organ 1760, Doubravnik Classification: New Label: Arta CD Number:F10226 Price:£12.54

Comment:Jan Vymola built his organ in the Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross in Doubravnik in 1760. It was restored during the years 2009-2013. Jaroslav Tuna has chosen a programme of music composed prior to its construction to explore its sound.

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